Exclusive Bridal Package

We are incredibly excited to introduce our new and exclusive bridal package offered as part of the Million Moments experience.

Who are we?

Million Moments IEWP UKAWP - your professional International Event and Wedding Planners.

Our Aim:

We are dedicated to supporting and encouraging the bride through every step of what can be an overwhelming and emotional day. The hours leading up to the ceremony can be nerve-wracking, and we understand that on the day the onsite wedding planner will be incredibly busy, dashing around ensuring all suppliers are ready to go, décor has been set up and everything is running smoothly. The make-up artist and hair stylist will be busy transforming the bridal party, who in turn are getting ready themselves, taking pictures and chattering with excitement. At this point the bride is often trying to gain control over her nerves and stop herself from blubbering as she realises these are the last moments before she becomes a married woman!

While the final finishing touches are put in place by the planners and the bridal party are engaged with welcoming guests, it can sometimes take up to an hour of waiting before the bride is allowed to make her grand entrance, during which time she is not allowed to be seen by anyone. We understand that in amongst the whirl of emotions and the anticipation of waiting, the bride may wish she had someone on hand as a dedicated personal assistant, to offer a word of calming advice or even just fetch food or drink during the times she gets hungry or thirsty! This is where we come in!

We promise to be on hand to support the bride, providing anything she may need in the moments before the ceremony begins – whether that’s a glass of water or assistance in making it to the bathroom unseen! We will act a Maid of Honour and Personal Assistant combined in one, and will stay by the bride’s side right up until she makes her stunning big entrance.


If you are interested in our Exclusive Bridal Package, please do contact us to receive a quote for this service.